Whole Living’s Detox Action Plan


I’m a bit late to hop on the Pinterest wagon but I’m totally making up for lost times! I’m addicted!

I’m trying to eat clean and healthy again. No, not trying to go on some crazy diet or anything…just trying to be more aware of what kinds of food I put into my body. And I will never ever be one of those super disciplined people where they go on a juice detox to jump start their healthy lifestyle. So you can imagine how thrilled I was that I discovered Whole Living’s Action Plan through Pinterest! It’s really a do-able, brilliant plan that won’t leave you starving and become hangry. Week 1 is broken down to creating super healthy, delicious meals that’s based on creating veggie and fruit loaded salads, soups, and smoothies. Week 2, seafood and a bit of protein is introduced into your meal. Week 3, meals are mixed with gluten-free grains, yummy protein rich eggs, and lots of yummy veggie loaded meals. And continues until week 4. I am absolutely loving this because this is not a liquid based diet and so much more satisfying! Well, now you know that if you are not looking forward to putting yourself on liquid/juicing detox…you don’t have to! Just check out these great recipes from their pinterest board! And just in time for some Thanksgiving fattening! Haha!

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Whole Living Action Plan – Week 1

Whole Living Action Plan – Week 2

Whole Living Action Plan – Week 3

Whole Living Action Plan – Week 4


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