We are here!

Wow. The month of July has seriously flown by. I’ve managed to pack in quite an adventure within one month and happy to be done with all the fun craziness!
The first half of the month, my husband and  I took an amazing and memorable 15-day Europe extravaganza trip to France (Paris and I’sle Sur La Sorgue), Switzerland (Lucerne and Engelberg), and Italy (Rome, Naples and Sorrento). This was a trip of a lifetime and I’m still going through a vacation withdrawal…

Oh the other hand, we have finally arrived to our new home in Seattle! It took a very long 4 day drive but we’re here!! I feel so out of touch with blogging, Hello Monday, and with just people in general that I need to just sit down in front of the computer for a solid week to catch up.
I plan on being back up and running at full speed with this blog, Hello Monday and with all my email by next week!



The dahlias at the Pike Place Market are in full bloom and so gorgeous! Every time I come here, the flower booth gets me everytime! I’m so glad to be living in a place that offers bountiful flowers, produce and scenery!




  1. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!!

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