Should I keep it or sell it…

Ever since I saw my sister’s GORGEOUS new Celine Phantom (navy with orange edging), I’ve been thinking about selling my own Celine luggage tote in black (drummed leather) and getting a colored luggage tote instead or even a Phantom. There has been a price increase since I got mine last year and not sure if the color I want would be available anymore. Should I keep mine or sell it for a different color and pay a bit extra? I feel like I’m getting bored with black. My sister tells me to hang on to it saying even black is hard to come by. What do you think?

Here’s me with my luggage tote in black.


And here’s my sister with her pretty duo-colored phantom (small)! Pretty!




  1. I would keep it. You will most likely not get the money you think you should get for it. Black is a classic color. It looks gorgeous. The grass always looks prettier on the other side.

  2. Oh my goodness I would love to be as fashionable as you and your sis!! So stinkin’ cute! And yes, keep the bag!!

  3. Keeeeeeep! Black is always a classic look!

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