Hi there! I’m Sarah Kim-Puangsuvan (I know, quite a mouthful – it’s a mash up of Korean and Thai) and I’m a Chicago based designer and proprietress behind Truly Smitten Studio and Truly Smitten blog. I launched my custom design / invitation studio back in 2007 pretty much the way all the other fabulous invitation designers did…by being asked to design several of their friends’ invitation and also having the freedom to design my own. I left the corporate world to be my own boss and loving every single minute of it! You can visit the studio over at Truly Smitten.

Besides designing custom invitations and taking on other graphic design projects, I find it absolutely necessary to continuously express myself through other creative ways such as photography, writing, cooking, trying out new recipes or making my own, styling, illustrating/hand-lettering AND perfecting the art of a proper hand written letter without including my usual vulgarities.

When I am not doing the things mentioned above, I love to spend time with my dashing, supportive husband (whenever he is not on call or back-up call) and two obnoxious mini-doxies. We can do nothing and everything together and still have a great time. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been together for 10+ years =)

This blog is where I can freely express my thoughts, frustrations, inspirations, pretty things that catch my eye and my own work.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you stay awhile!

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