A very long overdue post…

If anyone out there still visits my long-neglected blog, I’m making a slow return! I can’t believe how long I have been absent here in this space…I have very good excuse though!

I’m sure most of you know by now, if you have been actively following my Instagram, that I am 20 weeks pregnant. A good chunk of that 20 weeks, I was mostly bed bound with horrible morning sickness / all-day (and night) nausea. Ugh, just thinking about my first trimester brings shudders and goose bumps! I remember feeling utterly miserable and depressed from the constant, debilitating nausea and felt a bit sad that I wasn’t bonding with my baby nor wanted to be pregnant. I was obsessed with googling and lived on Baby Center reading about other women’s experience with morning sickness and when it started to get better for them. Of course, reading about how all these ladies having M/S until 20+ weeks freaking scared me even more! But when I read how severe and horrific it was for my courageous blog friend, Tristan, I felt like what I was going through was truly nothing to complain about. Tristan suffered from a severe condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. Reading her story was truly inspiring and I just give her major, major respect! You can read about it here. Speaking of that wonderful lady, she also lives here in Seattle and I still need to meet up with her!

Fast forward to reaching second trimester…I remember waiting for that magical day where as soon as I hit 2nd trimester mark, I’d miraculously feel better. I spent that day having projectile vomiting and diarrhea. How discouraging. Not only that, I was diagnosed with second UTI and have to be on this medication (macro bid) until I am 36 weeks. Eh…
However, by 15 weeks, I started to feel like I was turning the corner. The nausea was replaced with daily headaches. I would rather take headaches over spending time on that stupid toilet any day! I remember for the longest time, just going into the bathroom and glancing at the toilet would repulse me…even scare me. Lol, does that even make any sense? By 16 weeks, my appetite was getting much stronger and I was starting to eat things that I couldn’t even stand – hamburgers, meats, garlicky food, korean food, spicy food, and oh! INDIAN food! I had lost 10 pounds during my first trimester (I looked so gaunt and jaundiced) and got weighed at my doctor’s appointment today and am happy to report that I have gained almost all that lost weight back!

Today, I am 20 weeks and last week we found out we are having a boy! My husband and I were SO sure that we were going to have a girl. My gut instinct was telling me it was a girl. But now I’m beginning to think perhaps I was confusing gut instinct with wishful thinking haha! It took me a few days to let it sink in that we are having a boy and was honestly a just a tad bit sad that I couldn’t shop for all the cute girly accessories and dress the baby in bright, feminine colors and patterns. Even now, it’s SO hard to walk into Baby Gap or Old Navy and pass through all the cute girly stuff (which takes up like 80% of the store – sad). However, at the end of the day, my husband and I just want our son to be a healthy baby. That’s all we can ask.

Oh…another thing. Researching baby products and gears – I had no idea how overwhelming this could be! Just a few weeks ago, I walked into Babys R Us for the first time and walked right out after I saw hundreds of choices for everything. Thankfully, I have been getting a lot of feedback from fellow mom friends and reading baby related posts on Cup of Jo, Oh Joy’s list of Baby Essentials, Besotted Blog and Hello Bee helped tremedously!

As for our Hello Monday, we are taking a short maternity break! My partner, Lindsay is due literally any day now – how exciting! I can’t wait to meet her little baby Cohen soon! Excited that we can have play dates with our boys =). We are also going to be revamping our website, pricing structure and have already started on a client list for the new year! Can’t believe it’s almost a year since we launched Hello Monday! Lots of exciting events happening to kick off 2014 =).

So yeah…that’s the update since I last posted….when I had NO idea I was preggers. Can’t believe how so much has happened in such a short time span. Amazing.

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(Freaky how fast the belly seems to grow…but I’m so fond of my bump!)

Meet our lil man, Liam Nicholas Puangsuvan! I adore his tiny profile! I think he’s looking like his dad =)

Now that I have more of my energy back, we have been out and about exploring Seattle as much as we can before baby arrives. Although, it’s annoying how easily out of breath I get.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!! I’ll be sure to update as frequently as possible! I have so many recipes to share as well!






  1. Congrats on your impending little boy! Yes, it is so overwhelming to walk into any baby store and realize I never got a degree in 1st time parenting 101. Wishing you all the best!

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