A Truly Smitten Wedding Sneak Peek: Stacy & Gordon

I couldn’t resist starting a “Real Wedding” type of segment for my blog, except instead of calling it “Real Weddings”, I will be calling it “Truly Smitten Weddings”. A lot of brides that I have worked with or weddings in general I’ve come across are just too beautiful to pass up! So any brides out there that is proud to show their wedding pictures, feel free to write me at {trulysmittenstudio@gmail.com}.

I am very excited to present my very first “A Truly Smitten” wedding segment. A long while back, I’ve had the opportunity to be acquainted with Stacy through my blog regarding an invitation opportunity. She has recently gotten married and has sent me some pictures of her SUPER gorgeous outdoor wedding! I practically drooled over all her color theme and all her refined details that went into their celebration. Here’s just a little sneak peek of Stacy & Gordon’s beautiful wedding! More to come!

May 25, 2008 – Malibou Lake Mountain Club, Agoura Hills, CA.

Photography by: Scott Robert and Tauran Woo



  1. Sarah, Thanks for featuring our wedding. We are so excited to have our wedding featured on one of the up and coming businesses in the wedding biz,! Keep up the fan-freakin-tastic work!! You rock!!! I’ve always been a fan of your designs. Truly Smittened!!!

  2. It was an absolute pleasure Stacy! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. =)

  3. ooh, gorgeous wedding! did you make those programs, sarah??

  4. oh not at all! I think either the bride did it herself but her invites are from Wedding Divas. Aren’t they gorgeous?

  5. So inspiring

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