Meet Baby Liam!

Hey!! It’s literally been ages since my last post! And my last post being when I was still early on in my third trimester! Goodness how time flies…and even more so with a baby now!

Yes, our son is here and he is just the most precious little thing to us! He was born 4/4/2014 at 14:44! I pushed out a healthy 8 lbs 10 ounces / 22 inch long baby! I cannot believe he is 3 months old now…it literally feels like it was just yesterday when my water broke and had to rush to the hospital.

Here’s our handsome fella: Meet Baby Liam Nicholas Puangsuvan!




Almost there!


Oh jeez…it’s been so long since I wrote in here. It’s just been impossible to keep up with blogging lately. Sadly, I don’t even really read blogs these days. But with so many big changes happening in my life, I wanted to document everything here so I can look back at this place and reflect =).

Wow, so where to begin? This week I’m 35 weeks along…YES! Almost there! In the home stretch now and we absolutely cannot wait until we welcome our son, Liam into this world! Pregnancy at this stage is certainly getting harder and more uncomfortable. I feel horridly huge and waddling has become the norm for me. My fingers and toes have become little sausages and my hips feel like someone took a crowbar and pried them open. Oh..and not to mention, my vajayjay feels like someone kicked me really stinking hard and it’s sore. I am just so ready for him to come out and be done with pregnancy.



On top of trying to get ready for arrival of a baby, we also closed on a home at the end of January and we have been knee deep in doing some home improvement before we move in. The previous owners had 4 large dogs, 3 cats and toddlers and when we saw the house, everything was staged well and now that I think back on it, there were so many scented candles lit. After all the furniture was moved out and we did a walk through, I was absolutely HORRIFIED at the state the carpet and wood floor was in…also the walls, wood doors, closet doors, baseboard trims were so damaged, stained and discolored. There were strong urine smell everywhere too…thus the scented candles! I’m severely allergic to cat dander and fur and my husband and I just both could not bear to move into a house where the floors have been so neglected and with that urine SMELL! The house is relatively new – 10 years old and in great condition. The owners just did not do any maintenance to the interior or the landscaping in the back and just let the stain pile on. I can’t imagine not cleaning up after your dogs though…really?? We kicked ourselves in the butt for not negotiating for a higher credit to repair all THEIR mess…but we didn’t see it at the time. After weeks of bids and estimates, we decided to go forth with ripping out all the current wood floor and carpeting upstairs and downstairs and put in brand new oak wood floors, baseboard trims and brand new carpet padding and carpeting upstairs. We also hired someone to give the entire interior walls, ceiling, window trims, doors, door trims, closet doors, and baseboard upstairs a fresh coat of lovely new paint color. This was my favorite part, picking out different shades of Benjamin Moore warm grays for different rooms (will show before and after later). The reno isn’t done yet but just saw that the painting was all completed and the house already looks great and can’t wait to see it completed with new flooring! Our next big reno project will be our outdated kitchen and it’s ugly tile countertop and bathroom, but that will have to wait until next year. The cost for this job plus with new baby on the way (super excited to set up Liam’s nursery!), let’s just say my husband has been a wee bit stressed lol! Moving in March 10th! Pray that our baby won’t decide to show up early!


Nursery Room

How adorable are these minimalistic and simply stylish spaces for babies?? I am totally drawn to these neutral and clean color palettes! As you can see, I’ve been starting to get into nesting mode and living on Pinterest for nursery ideas for baby Liam but we first need to find a lovely space for him…which is in the works!


freddies-nursery-31 freddies-nursery-11




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Diaper bag alternative




LeatherTote_Enlarge_1 madwell tote3 tote4


I have been eyeing these 100% leather tote bags to use as diaper bags. I realize that they are probably not as functional as the large, pocketed, and compartmentalized diaper bags….but I wanted something that’s more “neutral” and that I can use as a regular bag / work bag once the baby grows. I’ve actually been seeing a lot of moms using tote bags as diaper bags and love how discreet they look! I just ordered the Cuyana leather tote in caramel and added my initials in the front. Can’t wait for it to arrive! I guess this is one of those objects where aesthetics takes over functionality. What do you moms-to-be out there think? Ever get picky about your diaper bags?


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